About Us

is a consortium of like minded entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, machinists and dreamers, just like you.  We’ve brought our own projects to life and have helped others do the same.  We are as comfortable in our workshops as we are at the drafting table, making for smooth interaction during the creative process.  We have design/prototyping experience in Aerospace, Aviation, Military, Travel Goods and Consumer Goods…to name a few.

Together, we can help you find answers to the many questions you probably have. We understand and appreciate privacy and non-disclosure concerns…we value our client relationships and always work to establish trust. At we strive to provide our services in an ethical way that upholds the values we share within our design group.  Honest, reliable advice and service are the foundation of what we do.

Enjoy browsing our site, then send a note with any questions, we’ll respond promptly.  If you wish, we will be glad to discuss your idea without any obligation on your part.  We will offer our thoughts, expertise and guidance. You will find us easy going, yet professional…forthright, yet encouraging.


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info@ideamagik.com | 205.919.4400