Worried About Your Idea Being Stolen?

Let's make some magik

So your concerned about someone (maybe us) stealing your idea? How does our team at earn your trust?

We’ll start by signing your NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

An NDA helps protect your idea, binding outside parties (like IdeaMagik) from divulging your information.

Never heard of an NDA? No worries, we’ll provide you with one that we use to protect us…when we deal with other businesses.

Read that last sentence again…

We’ll provide you with the very same document that uses to protect our interests when we deal with outside vendors.

Still not sure? We’ll gladly offer to you the contact information of clients for whom we’ve worked. Feel free to get in touch with them.

Want more? Talk to our vendors…people who supply us with the materials we use to make our magik…If you ask, we’ll send you their contact information.

A client’s trust is the 1st step in us helping you make magik.



…c’mon click on the link and send us a note

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